What to Send

Send an email to Prime Minister May to actively call upon China to end all tiger trade. You can compose your own message or use/adapt the sample email below. Please be respectful.

You can directly email the Prime Minister from https://email.number10.gov.uk/ (1,000 characters max).

SAMPLE EMAIL (drafted by TigerTime funded EIA):

Dear Mrs May

I am writing to express my deepest concern about the ongoing legal trade in China of tiger skins obtained from captive tigers bred in nefarious tiger ‘farms’. With as few as 3,500 tigers remaining in the wild, it is shocking that the largest end-destination market of tiger parts and products, i.e., China, continues to promote such trade.

Investigations conducted by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), a UK-based NGO, found that China issues permits for captive tiger skins to be traded as rugs for luxury home décor. Such trade stimulates demand for tiger products, undermines enforcement efforts to end tiger trade and poses a serious threat to tigers in the wild.

I respectfully request that you raise this issue with China and urge them to announce a total ban on all trade in tiger parts from captive or wild tigers, to end tiger farming and destroy stockpiles tiger parts and products.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

For additional impact, if you live in the UK you can also write to your local MP requesting that this issue be raised in the UK Parliament and with relevant Ministries such as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. You can find the contact details of your local MP by entering your postcode at www.theyworkforyou.com

If you live outside the UK, you can also write to the British and/or Chinese embassy in your country, urging it to support a total ban on all tiger trade.

Below is a letter that you can use or adapt and then send to your local MP:


I am writing to you as a member of your constituency who is deeply concerned about the fate of the last 3,500 wild tigers.

With increasing consumer demand for tiger parts from many countries it is vital that the plight of the tiger is kept on the political agenda at the highest level. Your promise to support this ask and to ensure that the UK Government upholds its promise would mean a lot to me and to the tigers struggling to survive in the wild.

I have signed up to TigerTime, a global campaign to save the tiger run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. They are making a real difference to the survival of the wild tiger and to ending the horrific trade. They have strong support from politicians and celebrities which you can see on their website at www.tigertime.info. I hope you find this issue as urgent as I do and get involved with TigerTime to help push for change.

As your constituent, your support for this issue means a lot to me. I would appreciate a response to know how you’ve considered my request and whether you will act to uphold the firm declaration outlined by the UK Government to combat illegal wildlife trade and to save the last 3,500 wild tigers. 

Yours Sincerely,