Tiger cub killed by speeding train

Apr 17, 2013

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A 10 month old tiger cub was killed by a speeding train on the Gondia-Chandrapur railway last Sunday, the sixth tiger to be killed in Kelzar state, India this year. The train also hit another cub which is critically injured.

The tragedy took place when a tigress and three cubs were attempting to cross the railway line, when the train hit he two female cubs. The injured cub had a fractured leg and was found hiding in some bushes 50 meters from the track. The cub has now been taken to the Seminary Hills nursery in Nagpur.

There will now be an ask put forward to the railway officials for the speed of trains to be lowered while they pass through wildlife rich forest areas.

This is a tragedy which could have been avoided. TigerTime hopes that the correct precautions and actions will be taken to make sure that local wildlife are protected and so that this will never happen again.

Please join us in our fight to save the wild tiger. Sign up at www.tigertime.info and donate here to keep our vital tiger protection programmes running.


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