A tiger in London!

Mar 15, 2013

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With only fifteen minutes given to tigers at the CITES two week meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday we called on our celebrity supporters to raise awareness of the issues facing tigers in the wild and in tiger farms.

Photo: Lucy Pinder, Cathy Jamieson MP, Sergeant Ian Knox, Kerry McCarthy MP, Sarah-Jane Honeywell, Zara Boland.

Glamour model, Lucy Pinder, TV presenter, Sarah-Jane Honeywell and TV Vet, Zara Boland were at Westminster yesterday to support TigerTime’s call for more attention to be drawn to the plight of the tiger in the wild and to put an end to the illegal trade in tiger parts.

Lucy Pinder said: “If you love tigers please ask your government to make tigers a priority at the next CITES meeting. To be involved sign up at www.tigertime.info. We have a responsibility to ensure the survival of these magnificent big cats. We should be ashamed that their numbers have fallen so low. Please take a few minutes and sign up to TigerTime, it’s the least any conscientious animal lover can do.”

Ian Knox of the Met Police's Operation Charm, which investigates wildlife crime in London, brought with him a stuffed tiger cub confiscated in the capital. "Many people simply don't realise that London is a major hub for the illegal trade in wildlife. While the products are sourced from Africa and Asia the market, the buyers, live right here in the capital," he said.

TigerTime supporters MP's Kerry McCarthy and Cathy Jamieson also joined TigerTime at the event and lent their valuable support to the campaign. It is critical to have political support as we push forward to put an end to the trade in all tiger parts.

We are fighting to end policies and practices that stimulate demand for tiger parts and products, and thus increase poaching. We need to protect and save the last 3,200 wild tigers. If you love tigers, please help by spreading the word to family, friends and through social media. Don't forget to sign up at www.tigertime.info.


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