TigerTime launches CubClub!

Mar 22, 2012

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The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation's TigerTime campaign is now set to spread awareness about the iconic big cat to a younger audience. The campaign, which has attracted over 104,000 followers and a host of celebrity supporters including Ricky Gervais, Stephen Fry and Joanna Lumley, has launched an exciting new children’s website called CubClub.

The site features fabulous photographs (many contributed by Michael Vickers), tiger facts, fundraising ideas and a blog from Qiang, a Bengal tiger cub who shares the history of his species and the day-to-day trials of being a wild tiger with readers. Qiang also receives regular postcards from his fabulous uncle Feodor, a rare Amur tiger who roams the Russian Far East and shares his magical tales. Qiang also keeps in touch with followers through his twitter account (@TigerTimeQiang).

"CubClub is aimed at sharing the natural history of the tiger and the current threats it faces with a wider audience,” says David Shepherd. "It’s been said before but young people really do hold the future of this beautiful planet in their hands. They never cease to amaze me, their passion and enthusiasm for the natural world gives me real hope and being able to raise awareness for the tiger and listen to their ideas about how we can all work together to save it is really exciting.”

Commenting on the launch of CubClub, wildlife photographer and Honorary Vice President of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Simon King said: "Tigers are perhaps the most beautiful animals on this planet. Sadly, if we do not act, they could face extinction.  If we want to save the tiger we have to work together. Every voice will help us make a real difference. Please join the CubClub and give the tiger a voice.”

The aim of CubClub is not simply to raise awareness of the issues facing the tiger but to create a global community that acts together to make a difference. Joining CubClub is free and will allow members to keep up to date with the latest tiger news.

Everyone under 16 should ask for their parent’s permission before signing up. Make sure you go to www.cubclub.tigertime.info and join the club!

Be part of the movement that is helping save the last remaining 3,200 tigers!

Simon King photo credit: Marguerite Smits van Oyen


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