Tiger numbers up in Manas and Pench

May 8, 2017

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Annual tiger number estimations carried out with camera traps in Manas (Assam) and Pench (Madhya Pradesh) are showing a healthy increase in tigers in both parks.

In Manas, numbers have doubled since the last estimation with 30 tigers recorded, 24 of which are adult. In Pench, 44 tigers were recorded up from 31 in 2016 with an equal split of male and females. The number excludes cubs of which there are thought to be seven on eight.

Commenting on the latest statistics TigerTime manager, Vicky Flynn says: "While these numbers are really positive and give us great cause for hope they still represent a small and vulnerable tiger population. Ensuring that tiger habitat and the prey base is protected is imperative if these big cats have any chance of thriving."

Meanwhile, in the Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, the death of the 12th tiger this year was recorded on Saturday. The four year old male appears to have died from wounds sustained from another tiger. In-fighting among males is well documented as they try to establish territories in increasingly shrinking habitat.

Protecting tiger habitat, prey base and the tigers themselves through park protection programmes are all vital in our ongoing work to save tigers in the wild.

You can find out more and contribute to this work at: http://tigertime.info/what-we-do/india


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