Young Canadian sets up business to help save wild tigers

Apr 18, 2017

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While tigers remain one of the world’s favourite animals, the startling fact that they have been in crisis in the wild for over 100 years seems to have lost its bite. In 2011, wildlife conservationist and artist David Shepherd CBE decided to reignite the fight to save the tiger and the TigerTime campaign was born. Its goal; to raise awareness and funding for the conservation of wild tigers and, at its heart the quote from American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

The petition drives this passion to bring committed global citizens together to change the fate of the tiger and has attracted over 350,000 signatories. In addition, there are also a growing number of businesses and individuals who are using their talents to raise awareness and vital funds to fuel tiger conservation efforts in India, Thailand and Russia. One such individual is Jake Arnold from Ottawa in Canada who has set up a clothing brand called ‘Preserve the Tiger’ which gives 10% back to support TigerTime’s conservation work.

“I saw a need for change in the present preservation of tigers worldwide after reading an article in National Geographic that talked about the poaching of wild tigers and how these beautiful creatures are being killed to make luxury products out of the tiger’s skin, bones and claws and sold for huge gain,” explains Jake.

“I always knew this was a problem, but had thought it was getting better. I was wrong. It was worse than ever and only c.3,500 wild tigers remain worldwide. I knew I needed to act fast and do whatever I could to help. Thus, Preserve the Tiger was born.”

Jake set up his online store designing street wear clothing and for every sale made he donates 10% to TigerTime. With a little going a long way on the frontline of conservation every donation is important.

“TigerTime is hugely grateful to the support of Jake and others like him who are actively driving the message that wild tigers need help. That he is also contributing to tiger conservation costs is great,” says TigerTime manager, Vicky Flynn. “Jake is one of the many thoughtful and committed citizens who, through their passion and action, is helping to change the fate of the tiger in the wild.”

You can check out his store at or on Facebook at Preserve the Tiger. Jake has put a lot of effort into this and is as passionate about saving tigers as we are.




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