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Sep 17, 2015

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For over 30 years TigerTime's parent charity, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) has worked to protect this planet’s magnificent wild tigers. Combining education, community, anti-poaching and undercover investigation programmes together we protect c.450 Amur tigers in Russia, work across 21 Indian states to ensure the survival of the Bengal tiger and support Thailand’s vital forest complexes and the tigers that make them their home. 
Since the turn of the last century 97% of our wild tigers have been lost; victims of an insatiable appetite to turn their beauty and strength into enhancing elixirs and status symbols. Without our help to fund vital protection programmes, extinction continues to be a very real threat.
Losing the tiger means so much more than the loss of a magnificent species - it means the loss of life-giving forests that support us all. Where you find wild tigers you find healthy forests and vibrant eco-systems rich in biodiversity generating the water and oxygen that gives life to the planet itself. Please be part of the generation that refused to let the wild tiger fade into history.
  • £25   equips a ranger to patrol and protect tigers in the wild
  • £50   pays for a walkie-talkie to enable vital radio communications
  • £150 spreads awareness of the importance of wild tigers to 5,000 local people
  • £1000 supports an anti-poaching team in the field for an entire month
  • £2500 will provide a four-wheel drive vehicle to support field patrols and community work
If you can, giving a regular monthly donation helps to provide the continued support tigers need - simply select 'monthly gift (recurring)' when you donate.

Please give what you can by DONATING HERE

Or send a cheque payable to: 'TigerTime' to -

Saba House
7 Kings Road

Surrey (UK) 




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