Recycled glass helps protect wild tigers!

Jun 22, 2015

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A wonderful Facebook-based partnership between the TigerTime campaign and US-based Casper Glass has raised over £480 ($760) for wild tigers through the sale of recycled glass earrings and pendants.

"We are delighted to be working with Casper Glass," says TigerTime campaign manager, Vicky Flynn. "The amazing donation is making a real difference to tiger survival."

In India just £50 ($79) can help the team reach 300 school pupils with the wonderfully inspiring Tiger & Rhino Goes to School programme. Visiting schools on the fringes of Assam's national parks, the programme explains the importance of wildlife to the children and encourages understanding and empathy with the wild tigers on their doorstep.

"Seeing this programme in action is really heart-warming," says Vicky. "The children, and their families, respond really positively to the interactive lessons."

In Kaziranga, Assam, where there are over 125 Bengal tigers, the team will visit all 70 schools around the national park every year so Casper Glass's support is vital to the continuation of this educational scheme.

£100 ($158) helps buy an SMS camera trap, vital in all the areas in which TigerTime works, the cameras help the teams gather data not only about the tigers but about prey species and poachers, giving them a better understanding of the areas they protect.

In Russia £180 ($285) helps train a teacher who then visits hundreds of children and shares their knowledge and passion for protecting the rare Amur tiger ensuring that generations of children nuture an understanding for the importance of these big cats to the biodiversity of the Russian Far East.

£200 ($317) also pays for fuel, spares and repairs for an anti-poaching team vehicle enabling them to carry out regular patrols in tiger territory.

"These are just a couple of examples of how a little money can go a long, long way in spreading awareness and protecting wild tigers," adds Vicky."So thank you again to Casper Glass, Melanie Myron and all her customers who are making a big difference to TigerTime's work to save the wild tiger. We simply can't do it without you!"

You can find Casper Glass products on Etsy here



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