Urge your congressmen and women to sign up to the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act

May 29, 2014

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There are said to be more tigers living in captivity in the US than there are left in the wild. Lax regulations mean that authorities have no way of knowing who owns captive tigers or what happens to their body parts when they die. These gaps in US regulations could make tigers held in captivity a target for illegal trade. 

"As a leader in promoting the conservation of tigers, the US has a responsibility to manage its captive tiger population effectively to prevent any emergence of illegal trade," says Leigh Henry of TRAFFIC North America. "Any supply of tiger parts into the black market can stimulate trade and consumer demand, which could pose a serious threat to already dwindling wild tiger populations."

With wild tiger populations under threat we need to protect the interest of the tiger at every level, in every country. 

If you live in the US, if you care about tigers please urge your congressmen and congresswomen to sign on to the legislation - the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act - that will close the loopholes in keeping, breeding and disposal of captive tigers. 

You can see a list of who has signed from the House of Representatives by clicking here

And a list of Senators who have signed it by clicking here  

You can find contacts for your local representative using your zip code here

For a full briefing on the Act click here

Please support the tiger - please urge your congressmen and congresswomen to sign on and create renewed interest in this important matter. Thank you. 


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