"Man-eating" tiger killed in India

Jan 23, 2014

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Forest workers say they have shot dead a tiger blamed for killing three women in the past two weeks in southern India.

The tiger, described as a "man-eater" by authorities, killed the women in the Doddabetta Forest range near the town of Ooty in Tamil Nadu.

The district authorities had installed nearly 65 cameras in the villages and tea estates around the forest and nearly 45 schools were shut down and villagers were forced indoors.

The tiger was also blamed for the death of several bison, including one just hours before it was itself killed.

There has been a spate of tiger attacks in India recently, with at least 17 people killed in little more than a month.

"As humans encroach into tiger reserves there can be conflict," says Vicky Flynn, TigerTime campaign manager. "Many of the killings are accidental or carried out by old or sick animals and tolerance among local communities is often good. In some cases tigers are given a three strike rule before the autorities step in to act either by relocating the tiger or taking it to a zoo. But locals often take matters into their own hands and poison carcasses - or in this case hunt the tiger down - sometimes leading to the death of the wrong tiger."

The fear that "man-eaters" strike into communities can have a devastating impact for the tiger and with only 1,700 left in India and 3,200 worldwide the need to respect and protect their territories has never been more important.

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