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Dec 17, 2013

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This Christmas, help us thank the heroes of tiger conservation - wildlife rangers.

These dedicated men and women in anti-poaching teams in the Russian Far East are often away from home for months at a time, patrolling an area half the size of Britain. Why? To protect the 450 Amur tigers that are left in the wild. Despite fighting blizzard conditions and an ever increasing demand for tiger parts, our rangers have reduced poaching in this area by 50 per cent.

"This year in Russia we have seen positive changes in tiger conservation: punishment for poaching was toughened and a special fund for the preservation of a tiger was created. We hope 2014 will bring more success for the hard work of the rangers and an increase in tigers in the woods!" says ranger, Sergei Bereznuk.

This vital work must continue - we need your support

Please give a Christmas gift to our rangers who often risk their lives for the protection of this beautiful big cat:

GBP£10 will buy one ranger a pair of waterproof gloves for the winter.
GBP£25 will provide the basic rations for one ranger for a week.
GBP£100 buys petrol for a patrol vehicle.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Merry Christmas,
The TigerTime team


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